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Help Elect Conservatives

“We need cheerleaders” and “We need your help”. Those words were the cry of our Volusia County Republican Party Chairman Tony Ledbetter. And rightfully so. At the annual Lincoln Day dinner Sunday November 8, 2015, with a record crowd of 650 attendants, Chairman Ledbetter is calling all consevatives to get involved and help elect Republicans in 2016. The Volusia County Republican Party is determined to elect Republicans! Liberty is precious and and gift from God. The only way we can protect our Liberty is for good people to stand up and get involved! Let’s get “true” conservatives representing us! The values of the Republican Party are aligned with the values of our Forefathers and Founding Fathers. Let’s make sure those who represent us share those values!!

Republican victory in 2016 depends on us! Getting the “right” Republicans depends on us! Will you make a difference for America? Join us, we need your help!