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From a book by Alfred S. Regnery

Thirty-five years before he died, when he announced that he would seek the presidency, the scorn was almost universal. The wise men of Washington, joined by the media elite and the inhabitants of the colleges and universities, were condescending in their scorn. B movie actor, they said. Amateur cowboy. Simple-minded fool. Amiable dunce. Besides, he was an unabashed conservative. Remember what happened to another conservative, who had run for president in 1964? This was a liberal country, and the presidency belonged to the liberals. No conservative could ever hope to get elected president, they said. Republicans in the White House were acceptable, from time to time, they said, as long as they were not too different from the Democrats. But conservatives did not belong there.

But today Ronald Reagan is another Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was a transforming president who had changed politics, changed the country, changed everything. Ted Kennedy, the exhausted leftist icon who was expending whatever energy he still had to keep the old liberalism together, and who had earlier called Reagan’s foreign policy “unilateral, militaristic, reckless, and divisive” now joined the chorus. “On foreign policy he will be honored as the president who won the Cold War,” said the senior senator from Massachusetts, “and his ‘Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall’ will be linked forever with President Kennedy’s ‘ich bin ein Berliner’.”

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