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Republican Action Alert

Important Obamacare Senate Committee Meeting Rescheduled for Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (Monday, March 11th, 2013) the Senate Select Committee on PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) will meet at 1:00 PM and may make their decision on expanding Medicaid as part of implementing Obamacare. This meeting was originally scheduled for last Monday, but was postponed.

We need to call the following members of the committee Monday morning who are on the fence with expanding Medicaid.


Senator Joe Negron: (850) 487-5032
Senator Aaron Bean: (850) 487-5004
Senator Jeff Brandes: (850) 487-5022
Senator Anitere Flores: (850) 487-5037
Senator John Legg: (850) 487-5017
Senator David Simmons: (850) 487-5010

Tell them that expanding Medicaid will bankrupt Florida and diminish the quality of our heath care. Florida Medicaid reimburses Doctors only 44 cents, which is why 41% of Florida Physicians refuse to see new Medicaid patients. A recent study showed that Medicaid fraud was estimated, in 2011, to make up 5-10% of the Medicaid budget. In dollars that is $2.1 Billion a year being paid out to fraudulent Medicaid claims! The study also reported on how much investigating fraud cost. The 2012 cost was $16.7 million, $12.5 million of which was federal money. They recovered $162 million from fraud cases…a drop in the bucket compared to the estimated fraud occurring.