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Florida State Senate Presiden Donald Gaetz and House Speaker Will Weatherford have rolled out a comprehensive agenda for the current session of the Florida Legislature.

“There are hundreds of issues that arise during a legislative session,” said President Gaetz. “Some come from outside Tallahassee, some from time deadlines, and some from the constitution. Speaker Weatherford and I have decided to work together to go beyond these basic responsibilities and lift up other issues we want to solve.” He added, “We’ve traveled thousands of miles together speaking to people all over Florida. We’ve heard from our members who’ve heard from their constituents and of the hundred things we could do these are the five things we will do and they form our bicameral 2014 Work Plan for Florida.”

“Work Plan 2014 represents the second year of an aggressive inclusive reform agenda,” said House Speaker Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel). I look forward to working with President Gaetz during the upcoming session on these issues, which are important to the future of our state”

“The 2014 Work Plan centers on steps we can take to keep Florida on the road to economic recovery. By reducing taxes and fees by $500 million, government is taking less money from the hard working Floridians who earn it, leaving more money for the day-to-day needs of Florida’s families,” continued President Gaetz.

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Florida Work Plan 2014