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We must end Volusia County’s designation as the 2nd highest taxed county in Florida!

“NO NEW TAXES” is the cry of the Volusia County Republican Party as we launch a campaign to influence our county council members to vote “no” to a proposed .44 milleage increase in property taxes”, said Tony Ledbetter, Chairman.

There are shortfalls in various areas of the projected county budget. 

We believe there could be ways to find cuts in the county budget to cover these shortfalls instead of raising property taxes to cover them.

Simply titled, “NO NEW TAXES”, our plan is to raise public awareness through sign waving dates, rally dates, letters to the editor and our presence at the upcoming budget workshop and council meetings as the budget proposed by the county manager is being discussed and voted on. 

Many of our special taxing district rates are coming down this year which will lower our property tax bill.  WE will pay less when we write our checks to the county because of the reduction in the special taxing district rates.

But now it’s the Countys turn to decide on its own budget. 

Will it go up and increase our property taxes for the county operating expenses? Or will it stay the same?

That vote is coming in September.

If the Volusia County Council has the will to say “no” to any increase in the county budget that would cause a property tax increase, we could drop to 3rd or maybe the 4th highest taxed county in florida…still too high, but an improvement in the right direction.

It would be a wonderful show to any business looking at our county for future expansion and investment.

Volusia County has some exciting opportunities to turn our economy around evidenced with recent announcements of investments in our county that will bring jobs and broaden our tax base. We need more! 

And we must keep reminding ourselves that it will take time for the citizens in our county to feel the results of these great new investments in their pocket book or in their tax bill. Many will be hurt by any additional tax burden.

The Republican Executive Committee of Volusia County passed a county platform that clearly states our position being that we are against any property tax increase.

It is our job to fight for that position!

Conservative groups will join the fight against a property tax increase. I have already heard from Volusia tax reform, Volusia 912 Patriots and Deland 912.

I urge everyone to help with the effort! Join the Republican Party in our efforts and attend the Council meetings until the budget vote. Public budget hearings are schduled at the September council meetings.


Any questions please call: 386-235-7755