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  • Governor Scott has paid down $3.6 billion of the state’s debt, and paid back $3.5 billion Florida owed to the federal government for unemployment insurance.
  • Governor Scott eliminated the tax on manufacturing equipment and machines, making Florida companies more competitive with other states and other nations.
  • Governor Scott has cut over 2,800 regulations, cut property & business taxes, and streamlined the permitting process.
  • Governor Scott cut taxes five times in three legislative sessions for families & job creators.
  • Governor Scott recently announced plans to cut $500 million in taxes and fees for Florida’s families this next fiscal year.
  • Under Charlie Crist, Florida lost 832,000 jobs, increased state debt by $5 billion, and had double-digit unemployment.


  • Under Governor Scott’s leadership, Florida’s economy has turned around. Since taking office Governor Scott has created over 462,100 private-sector jobs and the unemployment rate has dropped 4.9% – that’s the second largest unemployment drop in the nation since December 2010.
  • Florida’s unemployment rate has dropped year-over-year for 38 consecutive months. The current rate is 6.2%, below the national average for the 10th consecutive month.
  • Because of Governor Scott’s fiscal stewardship, Florida now has a $1.5 billion rainy day fund.
  • Companies from across the country are moving to Florida because Governor Scott has created a climate that is attractive for businesses. Hertz announced it will be relocating to Florida from New Jersey, adding at least 700 jobs. Other companies creating jobs in Florida include: DuvaSawka (Volusia), ATR North America (Miami Springs), Global Business Solutions (Pensacola), Darden Restaurants (Miami-Dade), Executive Wings (Brevard), Fort Walton Machining (Okaloosa), Vectorworks Marine (Brevard), Widewaters Bradenton (Manatee), 2G Manufacturing (St. John’s), Office Depot (Boca Raton), Verizon Wireless (Lake Mary), Northrop Grumman (Melbourne) and USAA (Hillsborough)
  • The housing market has made a strong comeback and home sales continue to increase. Median home sale prices are increasing. The momentum in the market means more sellers are listing property.
  • Tourism is stronger than ever, with 91 million tourists coming to Florida in 2012. In the 3rd quarter of 2013, 22.9 million visited – the largest third quarter for visitation in the state’s history. Every 85 tourists is another job.



Main Points:

  • Governor Scott’s budget stands in stark contrast to the fiscal record of Charlie Crist. Instead of more debt, there’s less. Instead of more government waste, there’s less. And while Governor Scott is cutting taxes once again, Charlie Crist hasn’t ruled out raising taxes if he’s elected again.
  • The reason why Florida is in the position of reducing debt and reducing taxes, while also investing record amounts into education is simple: Governor Scott cleaned up Charlie Crist’s mess as soon as he was inaugurated, and turned deficits into surpluses by growing our economy.
  • The Florida Democratic Party spent all of last year attacking Governor Scott’s budget, while 4 out of every 5 elected Democrats in the legislature voted for the budget.
  • Now Allison Tant and her colleagues are attacking this budget, which makes it sound like they are encouraging Democrats to vote against this budget, its tax cuts and its record funding of schools. Once again, Florida Democrats have proven they have no positive policy agenda to offer to Floridians.


Main Tax Cut Proposals:

  • $400 million in tax and fee cuts in the “It’s Your Money Tax Cut Agenda” will go directly to Florida families by rolling back motor vehicle taxes and fees to pre‐2009 levels. In 2009, Floridians experienced significant increases in various taxes related to the annual registration of motor vehicles, increasing the cost of registering a typical motor vehicle by an average of 54 percent.
  • As part of his 2014‐2015 “It’s Your Money Tax Cut Budget” Governor Scott has proposed a $100 million reduction in the sales tax on commercial rent, which costs businesses about $1.4 billion per year. This reduction will make it more affordable for businesses.




  • On education, Governor Scott has implemented record state-based K-12 funding & merit-based pay for teachers, ended teacher tenure, and increased the standards of excellence in education for Florida students. Under Governor Scott’s leadership, Florida’s students are the real winners.
  • Governor Scott, along with the House and Senate, agreed to implement $480 million in teacher pay raises.
  • Florida Education Association President Andy Ford applauded Governor Scott and the House and Senate for their leadership on education.
  • Governor Scott gave teachers a year-round, tax-free debit card with $250 for school supplies.
  • Some Florida state colleges offer degrees for $10,000 so it is affordable for Florida families.



  • According to The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study, Florida’s 4th grade students rank 2nd in the world for reading.
  • According to Education Week, Florida’s 4th & 8th graders have had better student achievement gains than any of the other large states.
  • According to the National Council on Teacher Quality, for two years running, Florida has the best teachers in the country.
  • According to Education Week, Florida is 6th overall for K-12 education.
  • Florida state colleges have degrees for $10,000 so it is affordable for Florida families.
  • Governor Scott has held the line on tuition – just because tuition in Florida is low is not a reason to increase it.



  • Governor Scott signed sweeping ethics reform that will keep elected officials accountable when it comes to conflicts of interest and financial disclosures. This was an important legislative priority for House Speaker Weatherford and Senate President Gaetz, and Governor Scott fully supported them.
  • Bill SB 2 gives the Commission on Ethics more power to investigate complaints, collect unpaid fines, and bans former legislators from lobbying state agencies for two years following them leaving office.
  • Bill SB 2 also allows public officials to put their assets in blind trusts and, in some cases, prohibits them from taking second jobs on public payrolls.



  • Governor Scott signed new election and campaign finance bills that will make money in politics more transparent and accountable. This was also a top legislative priority for Weatherford and Gaetz.
  • Bill HB 569 requires more reporting deadlines for candidates and 24-hour disclosure of contributions and expenditures in the final days of a statewide campaign.



  • Governor Scott grew up in public housing and his parents struggled to make ends meet.
  • He served our country in the Navy then obtained an education that allowed him to build businesses and create jobs.
  • Governor Scott has lived the American dream and is focused on providing all Florida families the opportunity to succeed.
  • He is a husband (married at age 19), father of two married daughters, and grandfather to three boys.



  • The Florida Democratic Party is desperate and in disarray, and they lack message and leadership.
  • They continually resort to baseless, false and irrelevant attacks on Governor Scott because they can’t attack his record on the issues that Floridians care most about – jobs & education.
  • We welcome any Democratic candidate into the race because Governor Scott has an outstanding record to run on and we look forward to drawing those contrasts with the Democrats.



  • The Republican Party of Florida is in a position of strength and will continue to reach out to all communities across Florida to spread Governor Scott’s message of excellence in education, economic and job growth. This message resonates with all Floridians because it’s what they care about most: education, jobs, and economic opportunity.



  • RPOF has established a digital strategy department to execute the goals of the political, communications, and finance teams, working cross-departmentally daily.
  • RPOF’s Facebook page has undergone a rebranding and continues to increase its engagement and reach.
  • A concerted effort has been placed on testing messages across all social media and digital platforms to maximize reach and effectiveness.
  • RPOF has implemented new data-driven processes, including lessons learned from the 2012 presidential campaign to leap-frog ahead of the Obama team.
  • RPOF is leading the way nationally in our efforts to actively model the electorate, in-house, using tens of millions of data points on voters across the state.
  • A new field program has been developed based on face-to-face, door-to-door voter contact that is run from the precinct level, with volunteers already communicating with voters more than a year before Election Day.


2nd AMENDMENT: Florida Republicans:

  • Preserve and protect the heritage and traditions of Florida’s hunters and sportsmen.
  • Support and defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners to defend their homes and families.
  • Protect and promote our Constitutional right to bear arms.
  • Support common-sense judges who will uphold the Constitution and not legislate from the bench.
  • Enforce current gun laws and punish to the full extent those who misuse firearms to commit crimes.



  • Florida has a strong and proud military presence and tradition.
  • Florida has the 3rd largest population of veterans in the nation – over 1.5 million; and the largest population of World War II veterans in the nation with more than 164,000.
  • Earlier this year Governor Scott signed a bill that protects veterans from fraud and predatory schemes.
  • We thank all of the veterans, active duty military, as well as their families for their service and sacrifice.


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“With nearly 95 million visitors traveling to the Sunshine State, today’s news that Florida broke another record year for tourism is a victory for Florida families,” Scott said. “ Every 85 visitors to Florida equals one job in our state – and it is clear that more visitors to the Sunshine State means more jobs for Florida families.”

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