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President Trump delivered not only the best SOTU address since Ronald Reagan, but delivered on his promises. His firm position of America First in the best interest of the United States was quite evident! His honoring of victims of Leftist policies and his action to finally deal with those polices was another highlight! Unfortunately, The left isle did not agree. It goes to show there is no more room for Leftists in American government anymore at all levels. Their commitment is for the annihilation of America. The Left won’t be happy until America is destroyed! That is what they have always wanted! The People cannot allow them to be in government anymore. It’s time to remove ALL Representatives and Senators on the Left! Constitutional Conservatives, men and women alike, are the only ones who care about America and who will put America first. The Marxists on the Left of the isle will not! This is our cue to get busy, get educated and become active in finding and supporting true conservatives in the Republican Party!