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Republican Action Alert


Friday afternoon, as Senators were leaving town, Harry Reid filed Cloture on a 1,190-page amendment that completely changes the substance of the Gang of Eight immigration bill.  It is basically a new bill – filed as an amendment! The vote on the bill is Thursday.


The amendment contains many dreadful changes, like giving permanent amnesty to expired visa holders and adding $38 billion to the bill’s price tag. The immigration reform bill, SB 744, provides for immediate legalization of millions illegal immigrants, and only watered down vague promises of enhanced border security. The last minute lengthy, vague and overly complex amendments amount to a Bait and Switch tactic. The bill and amendments will only provide incentives for and encourage illegal border crossings into this country, thus fixing nothing about our “broken” immigration system.

The bill retains the Amnesty First, Border Security . . . Maybe Later framework of the Rubio bill.

Senators Bob Corker of Tennessee and John Hoeven of North Dakota wrote an amendment, supported by Senator Rubio that will be used by Republicans and red state Democrats who want to vote for the bill while appearing to be serious about border security.

This bill is being rushed through the Senate and this was something Senator Rubio promised not to do. This bill is contrary to Senator Rubio’s history of public statements that border security comes first. He made this widely circulated statement, “I will never support an effort to grant blanket legalization, amnesty  to folks who have entered or stayed in this country illegally.” This bill and Senator Rubio’s actions are contrary to his April 16, 2013 letter to Patriot groups that he would not “support legislation that is rushed through Congress in typical Washington fashion; no bill will be rushed through the Senate as a take-it-or-leave-it proposition”.

Senator Rubio has broken his promises to the American people, and to his constituents in the State of Florida regarding the Immigration law.


Action Steps To Take During Kill the Bill Week:

BAIT AND SWITCH DAY – Monday, June 24 objecting to the last minute tactics to get this bill passed.
ACTION STEP: Call and email Senator Rubio’s offices and tell him “Senator,  please walk away from the Immigration Bill as you said you would do if unacceptable amendments were presented.”

BROKEN PROMISES DAY – Tuesday, June 25 in recognition of the broken promises that elected officials have made to all Americans regarding the Immigration Bill!
ACTION STEP: Visit Senator Rubio’s offices and meet with his staff and share your feelings with them regarding this.  Help him understand that America cannot survive this bill and it must be stopped.

WALK-AWAY DAY – Wednesday, June 26, legislators will be asked to walk away from and renounce this bill.
ACTION STEP: E-mail this action alert to everyone you know, ask them to call Senator Rubio’s office(s) and ask him to walk away from this bill, post it on your Facebook page, send it out on Twitter, write letters to the editor. Let your voice be heard while it can.