Watch Donald Trump Speak on a Great America


If you are looking to understand who Donald Trump is and what he envisions for America, watch this. Donald Trump truly understands what Americans face and the enemy we face. He is not only prepared to make the right choices for making America Great again, he has the love for America that is needed to …

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The Great Vision of Donald Trump – Watch


Leftists at all levels go on record claiming that America is evil, oppressive and a curse to the World. Far from the truth! Our forefathers and Founding Fathers crafted a Constitution and Bill of Rights designed to “protect” god-given rights. It is the most benevolant form of Government the World has ever seen! There is …

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Campaign Corruption Caught on Video


Why is it that Republicans get falsely accused of wrongdoing but still gets plastered on the mainstream media? But when it is the other side, the media goes silent or denies any wrongdoing? Here is a series of videos of the blatant, open and undeniable corruption from the other side of the isle. All designed …

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