Giving Vladimir Putin The Nobel Prize


For the past week I have been trying to write this blog but the idiocy coming out of Washington has been too much to bear. Foreign policy, especially when dealing with a multi-confessional state at war with itself, like Syria, is so complex it almost defies comprehension. In the present case the problem is further …

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No To Common Core In Volusia County


In 2013, The Republican Executive Committee of Volusia County passed a resolution standing firmly against Common Core. This resolution passed unanimously. We urge every parent to learn more about Common Core and its dangers. We stand with the Republican National Committee against it. We also urge every executive committee in the state of Florida to …

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NO New Taxes in Volusia County!


We must end Volusia County’s designation as the 2nd highest taxed county in Florida! “NO NEW TAXES” is the cry of the Volusia County Republican Party as we launch a campaign to influence our county council members to vote “no” to a proposed .44 milleage increase in property taxes”, said Tony Ledbetter, Chairman. There are …

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